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Wills Attorney in Moultrie, Georgia

A Will affords you the ability to give instructions concerning the distribution of your money and property when you die. You are able to appoint a trusted individual(s), such as a family member(s), friend, or professional to handle all your personal affairs. This individual is known as Executor or Executrix.

When drawing up a will it is advisable to seek expert advice from a lawyer so that your decisions concerning taxes, beneficiaries, and asset distribution are properly referenced. A will can relieve family and friends of any burden in the event a dispute or question about the allocation of your assets should arise.

Put Your Wishes in Writing

After your lawyer has drawn up your Living Will, the state of Georgia requires same to be witnessed. You will want to discuss your decisions, explaining the values underlying your decisions to your next of kin and other people. It is advisable to make copies of your Living Will and provide same to your next of kin, your doctor, and hospital. It is also advisable to place the original in a safe accessible place.